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Jaaja Barb’s Home of Angels is a non-profit organization partnering with the Kuwasha International Development Society in Canada and a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Jinja, Uganda, East Africa.  Certificate of Registration is No. 13158, issued by the Jinja District Local Government.

Home of Angels was established 8 years ago by Canadian Barb Giraud and Edwin Lufafa from Jinja, Uganda.  This home was built solely to house children who are in desperate need.  Most have lost their families or have been abandoned by the people who should care for them the most.

Edwin, together with Barb, have formed a family that isn’t very different from many other family units in Africa; a grandmother and brother looking after children facing difficult situations.  These vulnerable children were alone, some living with HIV/AIDS and in acute poverty.  It is the intention to house and protect, as well as provide spiritual and formal education as these kids are prepared for life in Uganda.

There was no way to do this other than by baking banana bread.  To date, 12,000 loaves of bread have been baked! These loaves are sold in town, with the proceeds all being sent to the project in Uganda. With the word spreading and donor assistance, they have been able to continue this journey of providing a home full of love and hope.

The goal for the farming project has been to provide eggs for both the children and the poor in our community, as they provide the much-needed protein to support their immune systems.  It is also intended to teach the children about farming in order for them to earn a living when they are older and living outside the orphanage.  They are being taught to grow maize, kale, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes and many other local vegetables.

Now in it's 8th year, and although there are many struggles to help the children grow into productive citizens of Uganda, we know, with God’s help, this will be accomplished.

Jaaja Barb’s Home of Angels is located in Mpumudde, north of Jinja Town, approximately 87 km from the capital city of Kampala.  We are located in a lush area, surrounded by peace, tranquility and a place where children can find comfort.

To follow our story you can go to our new website at:  www.jaajashomeofangels.com