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Since 1993, the Kibaale Community Centre has been transforming lives in the Rakai District of Uganda by providing healthcare, development resources and a quality Christian education to the most vulnerable in our community.  Each of the 1500 nursery, primary, secondary and vocational students are chosen from the most disadvantaged homes in a region that has been devastated by AIDS and extreme poverty. The care each of these children receives from dedicated staff members allows them to overcome their challenging circumstances and improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Another way this project cares for children is through the Child-Sponsorship Program where individuals and families provide monthly support to a specific student at the school.  The sponsorship money allows each child to receive a uniform, a daily meal, medical care and a quality education, and while meeting these physical needs is important, the sponsorship program provides even more lasting benefits. The education students receive at Kibaale Community not only equips them for academic success, it also introduces them to the love of God.   When students feel loved by God and their sponsors they have hope for the future; this hope leads to the transformation of individuals and their communities.

Kuwasha International Development Society has chosen to partner with Kibaale Community Centre because of the evident love for these vulnerable families.  We are proud to support the life-changing work of this project and thank you for your continued support.




The Kibaale Community Centre, is a non-profit organization based in southern Uganda. At our community centre we operate; 5 schools with over 1500 of the most vulnerable students in our community, a community health facility caring for over 14000 patients annually, a 50 acre farm, and clean water projects for the community of Kibaale. 


The Kibaale Community Centre is located in the remote village of Kibaale (Chee-Ball-EE), in the Rakai District of southern Uganda. Our close proximity to the border of Tanzania put us right in the middle of the conflict between Tanzania and Uganda in the late 70’s. Rakai district is also home to the birth place of the HIV epidemic that has ripped through Uganda.


We believe that through quality Christian education the cycle of poverty in Kibaale can be broken. Our desire is to see the students that pass through our schools today become the strong, ethical leaders of Uganda tomorrow.


Kibaale Community Centre exists to impact the nation of Uganda through evangelism and discipleship, education, health-care and community development focused on service, leadership and excellence, to the Glory of God

Our Approach

Our goal is to provide an education to children who would not otherwise get one. Our commitment to children when they are accepted to our school is to provide them with the best education and care possible, giving them the opportunity to change theirs and their families lives in the future. Many of our students carry on and complete University level programs.

  • A healthy meal is provided to each student daily
  • Health care is provided for the students and their families



You can help provide quality health care in the Rakai District by giving to the Kibaale Community Clinic. Your donation will be used to provide prenatal care for women, carry out immunization clinics in the community, and buy necessary supplies like antibiotics, malaria medications or HIV/AIDS tests. With your generosity we can continue to serve over 1000 patients each month.

The Kibaale Community Clinic advances Kuwasha’s proven track record by providing excellent health care to all members of the community and surrounding areas:

  • An average of 16,000 patients treated annually
  • Provides weekly immunization clinics in nearby villages, immunizing 1,200 babies annually
  • Provides HIV treatment in an area with the highest rate of infection in the country
  • Treats 5,000 cases of malaria annually
  • Provides additional services such as dental care, optometry, and counseling
  • Provides free healthcare to the 1,500 students currently attending the Kibaale Community Schools as well as members of their family

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